Private instruction is available on a limited basis.  Please     e-mail fiddlethis@yahoo.com for more information.

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Richard's private students who have won awards at the Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest:

2004: Ricky Ludlow-Advanced 3rd, Katie Nakamura-Intermediate 1st, Kyle Murphy-Beginning 1st, Ellie Taw-Beginning 2nd

2005: Ricky Ludlow-Advanced 1st, Katie Nakamura-Advanced 2nd, Keenan Hately-Intermediate 2nd

2006: Katie Nakamura-Advanced 1st, Ricky Ludlow-Advanced 3rd, Kyle Murphy-Intermediate 1st, Ellie Taw-Beginning 2nd, Matt Witler- Beginning Banjo 2nd, Mark Pribble-Backup Guitar 3rd

2007: Katie Nakamura-Advanced 2nd, Keenan Hately-Advanced 3rd, Sara Murphy (Kyle's sister)-Beginning 2nd, Stephanie Bettman & The Boys-Band 3rd, Matt Witler-Mandolin Intermediate 1st

2008: Kyle Murphy-Advanced 3rd, Katie Nakamura-Advanced Honorable Mention, Murphy Family Band-Band 2nd, Matt Witler-Mandolin Non-Beginning 1st

2009: Kyle Murphy-Advanced 1st, Keenan Hately-Advanced 3rd, Edie Murphy (no relation)-Intermediate 2nd, Sara Murphy-Intermediate 3rd, Ian Garcia-Beginning 1st, Murphy Family Band-Band 3rd, Scott Gates-Backup Guitar 1st

2010: Sara Murphy-Advanced 1st, Murphy Family Band-Band 1st, Matt Witler-Backup Mandolin

2011: Avery Merritt-Advanced 1st, Matt Witler-Advanced Flat Picking Guitar 1st and Backup Mandolin 1st, The Absentees-Band 1st

2012: Nicolette Yarbrough-Advanced 2nd, Joseph Lorge-Backup Guitar 3rd, The L.A. Bluegrass Hoppers-Band 2nd, Kyle Murphy-Advanced Mandolin 1st, Matt Witler-Bluegrass Banjo Advanced 3rd, Backup Guitar 2nd & Backup Mandolin 1st




    Richard Greene often teaches in group settings at camps, universities, or in other situations. Here is what can be expected in a Richard Greene workshop:

    Richard learned Bluegrass directly as a touring Bluegrass Boy under the master Bill Monroe and appears on many classic Monroe recordings.  Richard is fully steeped in the roots of Bluegrass and Old-Time fiddling and is also classically trained.  All of his teaching takes full advantage of classical technique while keeping it simple and direct to the point.  He is able to deconstruct and analyze the sound and feeling of folk and non-classical music in precise classical terms.

    Everything he teaches will be perfectly notated in final published form and all these materials will be supplied to the students. Richard will structure a program that starts with the simple basics and will progress throughout the week to whatever level the students can achieve.  He will incorporate a great deal of group playing, showing many different concepts of background supporting techniques as well as soloing, the class would become in effect a small string orchestra with a distinctly ‘non-classical’ sound but playing with as good a technique as possible.

    He will also share his specialized body of scales and etudes specifically designed to build skills in Bluegrass and Rock and Roll fiddling, and of course he will teach and explain the art of improvisation.  This unique scale system is specifically devised to improve and perfect intonation, develop left hand strength and bow control.  Each of the 12 keys contains a very melodic example of bluegrass/new acoustic styling composed of typical one or two bar idiomatic phrases, in other words: Great Licks!  Also definitely included will be a detailed instruction and description of Richard’s invention the ‘Chunky Chop’, a rhythmic bowing technique incorporating melodic elements which can literally be the entire rhythm section in an acoustic band.  Mandolin and guitar players beware!!

     Usually each class throughout any given week will cover at least one new fiddle tune per day. The tunes are taught by learning the basic melodic outline of the tune by ‘ear’ and then Richard will pass out the music in standard notation which will contain slightly more elaboration. This repertoire will be drawn from a vast body of American Old-Time, Bluegrass or Celtic fiddle music as well as some of Richard's original compositions in the genre. Again, these tunes and everything else taught throughout the workshop will always be accompanied by the sheet music for the students to keep. Often a week such as this will culminate in a performance of the class led by Richard, spotlighting the highest achieving students. These workshops can handle all levels, beginning through advanced.

    For more information, visit the 'Calendar' page. All upcoming workshops will be listed there.